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The Yearly Inventory: Part IV

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers,

Thank you for walking with me through this year and through this podcast. This is our last inventory: personal development.

Take the time, with your favorite hot beverage, to walk through the many important and meaningful ways you've grown this year. Look at the things you've accomplished. Notice how strong, resilient, and courageous you've been.

Here we go!


  • How aware of my energy levels am I?

  • What notifies or signals to me that my energy is low? That it’s high?

  • What lifts and supports me? In other words: what energizes me?What drains and depletes me?

  • How in touch am I at the start of the day, at the end of the day?

  • Do I know what I need to lift my energy? To recharge? To recover from a draining person or situation?

  • Where am I expending the most energy?

  • How is this affecting my quality of life? Improving? Diminishing?

  • Am I “spinning my wheels” anywhere?

  • Where am I frustrated in my life?

  • Do I need better strategies for what I want to see change or grow?


  • What goals did I set for myself that I’ve achieved?

  • What goals did I set for myself that remain in progress?

  • What goals have I set for myself, and now upon deeper reflection, need to come off of my list?

  • What goals was I afraid to set for myself?

  • What goals do I have for myself going into 2023?

  • Relational

  • Mental

  • Emotional

  • Physical

  • Financial

  • Professional

  • Spiritual


  • What have I lost this year? People, time, dreams, pets, health, peace, hope

  • What can I gain back?

  • What must I learn to lived without?

  • Have I grieved?

  • Is my grief process still in progress? (Some losses can be grieved and we move on, others will always be with us)

  • How do I avoid grief?

  • Write a brief description of a loss you’ve grieved this year and how giving yourself the time to grieve benefited you.


  • Where is my life rich? Or in what am I rich?

  • Complete this sentence” “I am rich in _________.”

  • Complete this sentence: “I am wanting more of ________.”


Through connection:

  • Who is closer to me after 2022? Why?

  • What actions did I participate in that made us closer?

  • What did they do that made us closer? (Do they know this?)

  • Hint: this is going to give you a good sense of what relationships in your life are reciprocal and which are not.

  • What strengthened me in relationships this year? What truth did I learn or what action did I implement that brought my close relationships to a better place? (ex: learned patience, practiced confrontation, became more authentic, etc.)

  • Who do I want to bring in closer this coming year?

  • How do I plan to do that?

  • How will this relationship improve my quality of life?

Through disconnection:

  • Which relationships are more distant this year? Why?

  • What feelings did I experience that drove me further away from this person?

  • Did I attempt to resolve?

  • Did I let it dissolve?

  • What did I learn about myself and what I need in relationship from this person? (Have I allowed myself to feel gratitude?)

  • Have I processed the harms I endured in the relationship? (Have I forgiven?)

  • Who do I need to establish better boundaries with this year? (Keep in mind, they might not need to know about it.)

  • What do I want to be able to say about myself - about my relationships - at this time next year?

As you sum up the inventory, allow yourself a few deep breaths. You have just done something uniquely loving and helpful to yourself. You've had the courage to look at yourself and made the choice to be honest.

Breathe. This person - this courageous, honest, soulful, deep, wise, and growing person - is who you are. And this is who will be starting a new year.

Humbled to walk with you, and a Happy New Year to All!


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