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The Yearly Inventory: Part III

Hi Folks!

Here are the questions from the podcast.

Remember: an inventory is not a judgment nor is it a lengthy self-critique. It's a way of gathering information about the past year so we can enter the next year, 2023, with intention and self-knowledge.

Here we go!


  • What did I enjoy doing as a child for play?

  • What kinds of roles did I imagine myself in? (Did you play teacher, doctor, princess, policeman?)

  • What toys did I love? Why?

  • Who were my playmates? What games did I engage in with playmates?

  • Did I play alone? What games did I engage in when I played alone?

  • Did I have imaginary friends? What were their personalities like?

  • What activities do I enjoy now as an adult? How often do I engage in these activities?

  • What hobbies have I developed? (If you have hobbies)

  • If play is difficult for me, why?

  • What do I experience when I am invited to engage in play that makes it difficult to do so?

  • What excuses do I make for why I am not more playful?

  • What kind of time can I invest in activities that are purely for my enjoyment, not for my growth or wealth or getting ahead, etc?

  • Who do I enjoy "playing" with? (This is someone with whom you can let go, not be serious, and simply be in the pleasure of a moment.)

  • What activities do I enjoy as an adult? (Ideas: trying out new restaurants, games night with friends, movies, puzzles, cards, live music, etc.)


  • Checking in on my stress level around money… how stressed am I? (Use a scale of 1-10)

  • How are my spending habits?

  • When am I most likely to spend money? On what?

  • When am I most likely to save money? Do I have a savings plan, or is it haphazard? How do I feel about this?

  • How do I feel when I spend money?

  • How do I feel about money in general? When I think about money, what emotions arise in me?

  • What kinds of distress - mental and emotional - do I experience with money?

  • Who were my examples of spending and saving?

  • What is my goal with money? Are my actions in congruence with my goal?

  • Have I spoke to anyone about this? Who could I talk to?


  • How do I feel in my home? Relaxed? Tense? Dirty? Organized?

  • What changes can I make to how I’m currently living that would contribute to my overall sense of peacefulness in my home?

  • What is my routine of self-reflection and self-care in my home?

  • Are there changes I can make to my home environment that would invite more of what I want to bring into my life?

    • If more rest, think about the comfort of your home.

    • If more peace, think about decluttering.

    • If more enjoyment, think about colors and touches that you enjoy.

    • If more functionality, think about repairs and improvements

      • Are there repairs you need to make? Is the money there? Do you need to plan and save? (Imagine how you’ll feel when it’s done.)

  • What changes can you make to your bedroom that would improve your sleep and comfort?

  • How is the flow of your home? Can any changes be made that would improve how you use the space? (Organizing closets, rethinking how your kitchen is organized)

  • What scents draw me into relaxation and peace?

  • Think of a place you’ve been in which you felt calm, at rest, and at peace. What was in the physical environment that you can bring into your home environment?

Alright! The final installment of the inventory will be released today as well. Set aside the time... connect with yourself.

Walking with you,



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